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About B/A Florist of East Lansing, MI

We are passionate about “The Three R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
Why? Because we want to preserve the beauty of nature for our children, their children and their children’s children.

That is why we offer our “Going Green” coupon. When a customer brings in a clean, undamaged vase (s) or basket (s) we give them a $5.00 coupon. We also collect beautiful vintage vases and containers from all over the world. We also offer new vases made of recycled glass, which sparkle with elegance. B/A Florist recognizes the importance of recycling glass, as it saves natural resources and requires considerably less energy than that which is needed to melt down raw materials.

Fortunately much of the “garbage” that B/A Florist produces is bio-degradable and the rest of it we are able to recycle due to the phenomenal recycling center close to us on the campus of Michigan State University.

Another way in which we recycle is to present the option of a “recycled delivery box” or “a new delivery box” to our customers. We do acknowledge that some people might not be as devoted to the whole concept as we are, so we explain to them why this is an option. 99% of the time customers choose the recycled box. After all, it’s all about the fabulous flowers the customer has selected as their gift!

Local Grown crops are also a big focus for us here at B/A Florist. Whenever seasonably possible we offer fresh cut flowers from local growers, supporting farming in and around the mid-Michigan area.
We deliver to the following areas: East Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, Lansing for a $12.95 delivery charge.
We deliver to Mason, Bath, Dewitt, Holt, Mason and Williamston for a $16.95 delivery charge.
Our typical delivery route starts at 10:30 am. Any orders with special requests such as earlier morning deliveries or specific times must be placed by calling 517-351-4484. Special courier fees may apply.
Our B/A Florist of East Lansing staff
Laura (Laurie) Van Ark: I am a native Michigander who LOVES nature, people, animals and FLOWERS to name a few things toward the top of my list. I am the founder’s (B/A…a.k.a. Barbara Ann) middle daughter. I grew up in Okemos and graduated from Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI with a BS in textiles and merchandising management. I then went on later in my design career to be fortunate enough to study master design down in Oklahoma to further my skills at American Floral Services headquarters- a leader in the area of continuing education in the floral industry. I am so very fortunate to be able to have a career that aligns perfectly with my passion. It makes me feel so happy to see our flowers used to celebrate such big and small parts in people’s lives. Our flowers are part of the network of connections. They help bring us all together in one way or another.
Tracey Banks: Tracey is a native Michigander as well, although she has traveled the world over many times, she chose to come back to her home sweet home. Tracey’s background is in retail sales and culinary arts. Her gregarious nature has proven to be a perfect fit with the B/A Florist team. Her attention to quality, detail and superior service earns her a valued spot on the team. With her background in culinary art and catering, she brought to the table the very useful skill in planning out events.

Cheryl Fountain: Cheryl is also a native Michigander and my sister. She is the calm and gentle soul that is never too busy to lend a listening ear. After completing her education at the University of Arizona with a degree in graphic design, she spent much of her adult life in Arizona teaching art and raising her family. After 33 years she made the decision to move back to Michigan in the fall of 2012 and join the family business full time. She is fun, quirky, eclectic and artsy. She brings her natural talents in the arts and communication to B/A Florist in many ways, most notably our merchandise displays, working with our clients to plan out events and assisting in our floral design classes. For those of you that have been in the store, know exactly what I am talking about! We LOVE to nudge your thoughts, your sense of humor and your memory with the fun and crazy things we do with our displays.

Linda Grua: Linda has been part of the B/A Florist team for 26+ years and counting, and each & every day we all thank our lucky stars that she continues to choose to work with us. There is mutual and deep felt admiration and respect that we share. She, like Cheryl and many of the others, chose to leave their professional careers to join the B/A team. Linda was born & raised in the East Lansing area and also graduated from Michigan State University. Linda’s background includes counseling and teaching in the public school system. She brings a multitude of skills, most notably, her people skills, her endless patience and her quest for treating every single customer EXACTLY the way we all want to be treated, with kindness, patience and respect. The fact that she knows at least 1/2 of the population of East Lansing helps too!

Steve Stoner: Steve is our head designer. Steve’s educational background & experience was in art and music. He has always had the ability to have a deep understanding and appreciation for art. Steve and Laurie have worked side by side for the better part of 20+ years now as master designers. They collaborate on endless projects and spend nearly every spare moment brainstorming the newest and hottest trends in the floral industry, as well as in home and event decor. Steve’s passion is most notably contemporary floral design, but certainly does not end there. He has studied the work of many well known floral designers and brings to life his own special art in floral form.

Sharon Lange: Sharon is one of our talented floral designers who is also a native Michigander. Even better…she’s a Yooper! She brings her amazing talents in the arts with a Bachelor of Arts in retail from MSU, not only to our floral design table, but to our flower beds in the front of the store, which we are well known for. She is also a master gardener who revels in the beauty of nature and sharing it with others by creating lovely floral designs for every day and church work, but she tends to our flower beds with tender, loving hands.

Rob Jones: Another Michigander, he joined our team back in 2006, after retiring from a successful career with UPS. We are so very lucky that Rob is a part of our team. He is the person that is never too busy to lend a helping hand and a smile. He handles the demanding job of having to deliver numerous fresh & fragile orders in many different places, all by certain times each and every day. He is our “glass is half full” guy that helps every one of us function at our best to keep the whole system running smoothly. The fact that he too is one of Michigan State University Spartan’s BIGGEST fans is just another reason he fits so well with the rest of us!

Jillene Chupak: Jillene is from Pennsylvania and joined our staff as a wedding consultant and floral designer. She has a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in graphic design. She worked at a florist in Pennsylvania for three years before moving to Michigan with her now husband. Jillene's loves being a floral designer. Her organizational skills, wonderful design work, and calming presence has been instrumental in our wedding department. She has an amazing ability to listen to brides, understand their vision, offer guidance, and make their big day perfect! Her favorite part about working with weddings is getting to see each bride’s vision come to life. Jill also has a background in dance and music and that artistic creativity carries over into her floral designs. She enjoys pursuing her photography hobby in her spare time.

We have many other seasonal members that help out during the busy season and we appreciate every single one of them!
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