All of our beautiful arrangements will be made as similar as possible to the picture shown, if substitutions must be made they will be made to equal or greater value. We always use the best product available. Thank you for understanding.
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Floral Care

Fresh Cut Bouquets Care

Our fresh cut bouquets are arranged in a temporary water source.  Upon recieving them, make sure your vase is filled with cool, clean water.  Cut the stems to the desired length to fit your vase using sharp scissors or pruning sheers before placing them in water. 


Arrangements in Oasis (Green Foam Block) Care:

If your arragment sits in oasis (green foam block), add water about every other day over a water safe surface.  The easist way to add water is to have one finger on the block by the liner and slowly pour water over the block: stop when you feel the water level come near the top.  It helps to use something with a smaller opening, such as a water bottle, to pour the water. 


Tips to Have Your Flowers Last Longer:

- Keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cooler location.

- Keep them out of warm or cold drafts.  Blowing air dries them out.

- Watch the water level daily and refill as needed.

- When the water starts looking cloudy, generally about every 2-3 days, switch the water.  Pull the flower out, and fully wash the vase with a little bit of liquid dish soap.  Refill with cool water, give the flowers a fresh cut (cut about 1 inch), and place back in the water. 


Special Note About Hydrangeas:

Hydrangeas are thirsty flowers.  In the event your flower droops or wilts quicker than other flowers, you can try to rehydrate them.  To rehydrate, fill a tub or sink with cool water and submerge the entire flower (stem and flower head).  Cut the stem about an inch while it's under water with a very sharp pair of scissors or garden pruners.  Let it soak for 1-2 hours.  Take it out of the water and place it back in the vase where you can expect them to finish hydrating.