Alstroemeria Bouquet



20 stems of gorgeous alstroemeria, or Peruvian lily, in a fresh, loose wrap. They come in a large variety of colors and we highly recommend that you allow our designers to choose the prettiest colors available.

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Alstroemeria Bouquet

The Alstroemeria Bouquet includes 20 premium grade stems of Alstroemeria.  Each stem has a cluster of blossoms that includes anywhere from 3-6 flowers, so the bouquet is sure to fill any room with abundant beauty.  Alstroemeria or the Peruvian Lily are known for their long vase life.  They come in wonderful variety of colors and have the hard earned reputation of being one of the longest lasting cut flowers.  One thing that most do not know, is that there are different grades- or qualities- of alstroemeria depending on the plants, where they are grown and how they are processed in the cold supply chain.  One thing that we at B/A Florist do not scrimp on is quality.  We purchase the highest grade available on the market.  The reason being, the blooms are much larger and fuller than what you would find in a big box store, they have more blooms per stem, the colors are spectacular and they have a much longer vase life.  We at B/A Florist of East Lansing, MI welcome you to find out for yourself why we have been voted East Lansing’s and Michigan State University’s favorite florist for so many years now.

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Dimensions 28 x 14 x 8 in

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