Quilling Cards

Quilling Cards is the art of rolling, coiling and shaping small strips of paper to create a pattern or design. It dates back hundreds of years to Egyptian times. According to some sources nuns and monks would roll the gold tipped paper remnants, left behind after the book-making process, and would use them to adorn various religious artifacts. This was a cheaper alternative to gold filigree. In later years the art of quilling was a favorite relaxing activity for European ladies. The term quilling got its name from the use of bird feathers with which to coil the paper.
Quilling found its way to America with the pilgrims and today it is still used throughout the world.

B/A carries a fantastic line of quilling cards from Quilling Card LLC. These delightful greeting cards are all handcrafted in Vietnam by artists skilled in the practice of creating three dimensional greeting cards. Quilling Card LLC received A Fair Trade certification in 2015. This means that the Fair Trade Association has deemed Quilling Card LLC a company that focus ensuring that their employees are justly treated. As of 2016 they have employed over 200 quillers, and provide a safe work environment, housing, healthcare and food benefits. They also provide jobs for Vietnamese with disabilities, who often struggle finding jobs. You can find out more about this great company here.

Don’t just send a card. Send art!

Each Fair Trade quilling card is beautifully handcrafted in Vietnam.

Each card is blank inside and comes with a coordinating envelope.

Quilling cards are more than just a greeting card, each exquisite design is a collectable work of art!

B/A Florist carries many designs and themes!

Perfect for any season!

or occasion!

These gorgeous greeting cards are available now in store, and will be sold online soon!

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