Rainy Days and Flowers

As summer weather finally draws to a close I find myself stuck inside on a cold and gloomy Saturday. But it’s not your typical rainy day, oh no, for today I am working inside the warm and bustling B/A Florist of East Lansing, MI. Even on a rainy Saturday the store is still busy with walk-in customers, phone orders and events. Saturdays for the florist are usually busy for events such as weddings, funerals, parties and corporate orders.

A light hum of chatter can be heard through out the store as one employee wraps up a bouquet for a long time customer, another is prepping roses for the cooler, someone else is greening in table vases for an event, someone is through wedding photos from a very busy wedding season, and everyone else mills about helping out wherever they are needed.

Soft jazzy blues play in the background and the scent of flowers lingers in the air inside the 1920’s home turned florist shop.
Even during the days when extra staff needs to be brought in to help during the busy season and it’s easy to get stressed with the orders flying in, there always seems to be a positive vibe throughout the store. If the store were to have a motto it would “Positive Vibes Only.” It’s one of the first things I was told during my interview two years ago. The owner and long time employees believe that the good you put out in the world comes back to you, and that people can feel negative energy when they walk into a business. This belief inspires the staff to maintain positivity even during high volume times.

Although you can’t help but stay happy when you’re surrounded by the vibrancy of flowers, it also helps to be surrounded by such vibrant and fun personalities!
B/A not only provides one of a kind, unique floral designs, but also a unique and personable interaction with every customer. Even our mailman knows, when you’re here, you’re family!
And that is why when you’re stuck inside on a Saturday, it doesn’t get much better than rainy days and flowers.

Friendly Customer Service!

Tracey takes an order over the phone. Although we love the ease of ordering online through our website, we still are just a phone call away to answer your questions and take your orders!

Unique Designs!

Floral Designer, Diana, works on an autumn inspired arrangement for a corporate standing order. Corporate standing orders are delivered every Monday, a great way to add cheer to an office or front desk.

Weddings and Events!

Wedding consultant, Jill, works on a quote for a wedding. This has been one of our busiest wedding seasons and Jill has worked tirelessly to make dreams come true!

Dynamic Deliveries!

Our dynamic delivery duo, Peggy and Tony, share a laugh  in the rain while loading floral arrangements for a party into a van.

Creative Process!

Owner and designer, Laurie, works on a Halloween themed arrangement for a dinner party. She loves designs outside the box!

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