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About Laurie


I am a genuine person.  If you look up the definition, you will see the words: Authentic, real, original, truthful, sincere, straightforward, candid and honest.  That’s me.  I have a mom that was and still is an amazing role model of quiet strength, love, integrity and patience.  Because of her, my husband and my loving & supportive family, it has made the perfect foundation for me to pursue my passion:  FLOWERS!

I also consider myself incredibly lucky to have somehow attracted some of the coolest, most compassionate, talented, creative, kind hearted, spirited, dedicated and generous employees any employer could ever hope for.  Each day when one after another walks in, knowing they have chosen to work here, I count my lucky stars and smile.  That is a sure sign that I must be doing something right in the bigger picture.  Karma.

The truth is that originally it was my mom’s dream to have a flower and plant shop back in 1979, when shop opened up shop.  It is not that I don’t love plants and flowers.  Who could not love plants and flowers?  They are living art and continue to amaze me with their beauty even after working with them for so many years.  In 1984 when I graduated from Michigan State University with a dual degree in Merchandising Management and Textiles, I had plans to go into the automobile industry/ interior division.  I did not have a job lined up at that time and my mom offered me a full time position with her already thriving business.  She asked me to commit to 5 years.  Here I am 31 years later.  If you count the part time years, that makes it 36 and counting!

It didn’t take long to see that my education in merchandising management and textiles would eventually be indirectly incorporated.  I am very passionate about the use of color and study it constantly.  The skills I have picked up over the years have blossomed into rich, textural displays which we are known for as well as many, many years practice and study in different forms of floral design from all over the globe.  I consider it an honor to be a design ambassador and share with the greater Lansing community the many different design styles I have incorporated into our work.

Two of the greatest benefits of being a florist in this great community, East Lansing, is the flexibility it allows me for my family and the connections I have made with so many people that Michigan State University has brought to our door.  I feel like I have a huge extended family because of so many of our beloved customers who have become friends over the years.  How wonderful is that?  Maybe if more people had that in their daily lives, the world would be a more peaceful place.

My mother, Barb (a.k.a. Barbara, Barbara Ann…that’s what B/A stands for…!) retired as of June 2012 after 33 years of serving our community.  I came very close to following her into retirement and possibly embarking on a new career.  The more I examined whether or not I should retire from the business, I realized that most everything I truly value was right here in our neat little store, working with fantastic people and making other people happy (or happier.)  When people share with us their comments about being in our store and it just makes them feel happier it makes my heart sing.  So there you have it in a nutshell!


I just want to thank you again so much for all your help and the beautiful flowers! You helped me capture exactly what I was looking for with a realistic budget:) I really enjoyed working with you!


The flowers this week are awesome! I love the colors. The floral arrangements have been well received throughout the office. They are great conversation starters as well as adding to our overall office environment.


A very sincere thank you for your beautiful, creative work on all of the gorgeous flower arrangements. I do hope you took photos of the arrangements – just extraordinary!



Dear Laurie – just wanted to let you know today that you, more than I can express, made Ashley glowing with happiness on Saturday!! She was sky high with joy when seeing her flowers!


Dear Laurie,
Thank you for your time & talent in creating such exquisite flowers in memory of my mother, Jane. They truly were a reflection of my mom’s inner beauty & will not be forgotten. It was an “honor” to be able to work with you, again! Your kindness to Dick & myself will not be forgotten. With warmest regards to a dear friend,


Laurie, this is long overdue, but I just wanted to say thank you! I am beyond grateful for your involvement in providing time in helping create the most gorgeous floral arrangements! I was truly blown away!


Thank you for helping make our East Lansing open house a huge success. Altogether we had over 150 local businesses and community members join us. The Flowers were beautiful!!


Laurie, the flowers were beautiful! They were perfect! I so enjoyed doing business with you!


The flowers were WONDERFUL!! Exactly what I was hoping, just sweet and simple and gorgeous. I think they were truly radiant, and then the roses opened, you could see the double swirl inside. Just Lovely.


Dear Laurie and our friends at B/A Florist,
Thank you for everything! I cannot imagine my big day without your help! Love always

Jess & Kyle


I wanted to thank you again for your ideas and your help as we planned for Laura’s wedding. The flowers were absolutely incredible! Laura loved her bouquet, and was for very pleased with the bouquets for her wedding party! Our corsages were delicate and beautiful. You even made the boutonnieres special with the greenery touches you used. The dried flower arrangements were stunning and I’m now using them in my home. Just a bonus….. 🙂
Thanks so much for all you did to add to the beauty of the day, and to my daughter’s “perfect” wedding day!


Hi Laurie!
I just want to thank you again so much for all your help and the beautiful flowers! You helped me capture exactly what I was looking for with a realistic budget:) I really enjoyed working with you! Hope your enjoying your summer so far and wedding season is going smoothly:)


Greetings, Ms. VanArk,
On Aug 22, 2015, our children hosted a surprise 50th Anniversary for us. It was a delightful party, graced by vases and table bouquets provided by BA Florist. We later learned that our daughter, Tracy, worked with your designer on the arrangements. The finished product was lovely! Everyone commented on the beautiful white roses combined with white hydrangea and filler. Several couples took table arrangements home with them and all exclaimed about how long those beautiful roses lasted— a week to ten days in some instances.
We just wanted to let you know how impressed everyone — us most of all — was with the very lovely flowers your business provided for our very special celebration. Thank you!

Robert & Beverly

Coming to see us was a gift in itself, but to arrive with such a beautiful arrangement left me without words. It definitely is one of the most unusually gorgeous arrangements I have ever seen. Please tell the designer how thankful I am and how much I appreciate her artistic talent and design. And a huge thank you for wanting to bring it to me; it says so much!


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